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¡Dónde aprender inglés es DIVERTIDO!


Una visión diferente de la enseñanza y una metodología propia para obtener resultados

Nikita Van Der Werff


Nikita Van Der Werff - Holland - LP7 (EPO6, ESO1, ESO2, ESO3, Adults)

Studied to be a cook in The Netherlands
CELTA (In Hungary)
Has experience teaching young learners, adolescents and adults general English courses and
Cambridge (PET and KET)/Trinity exam preparation classes, mainly at B1 level

She collects comic books and secretly still wants to be a superhero….or villain! Also drawing, painting, writing stories and cooking are her hobbies.

In the future she wants to live next to a lake or a river because these are her favourite places. Things she’s learning are Spanish and how to make clothes.